Future Crossroads Consultants

International consulting company branding & responsive website.

For this project we decide to design & build based on the vision of the company, which is to give the tools to their clients to develop and expand domestically and internationally.

With that in mind we do our research and decide to design a website “introduction” for the services and the possibilities that the company can offer.
We decide to use the blue color as the main one and the rest to be tones of black.

For the logo we wanted to emphasize the benefits you get described in the company’s name by using different font weight and to give the feeling that the company is eligible.

We constructed a desktop base responsive website in 2 languages.
Elements like animation, parallax etc. gave the freshness and
usefulness to the site for both users and company.
We use the photos as a content separators and keep it plain and simple.
Photos chosen to be more abstract but also connected with the meaning of each section.
Colors of the website based on the colors of their logo.

Our goal was to have a fresh, user friendly and easy to read approach for the visitors of the company welcoming them and giving them the opportunity to develop their business.