Athenian Yachts

Rebranding, regatta event logotype design and corporate brochure for company brokering and chartering yachts in Greece promoting and presenting them worldwide.

For the rebranding we modernized the logo keeping the colors and the structure and adding new font and icon. For the regatta logo design we design a logo showing the different sails in an abstract way and with a blue line same color with their logo presenting the sea. Final for the corporate brochure we decide to give the feeling of chartering and owning a yacht through the point of view of everyday people who are clients of the company.
Photos was the protagonist who gave the view of vacation in Greece with them.

The 2 main colors are the red and the blue comes from the logo to the brochure.
Decoration elements that they have to do with yachting and overview of the yachts, itineraries and the company.

Our goal was to have a smooth pass from the old logo to the new without loosing their identity. Also with the same thought made a smooth flow through the pages and the spreads in the brochure and create the anticipation to see the next spread till the end.